Study Term 2 2018

School Year 2018 2019

All fees must be paid in full before a student can attend evening study and places are limited. No allowance can be made for starting mid-term or absenteeism during the term.

Term 2 with 7 weeks (Mon 5th Nov to Thurs 20th Dec, 2018)

4 nights for 7 weeks with 26 sessions (€104)

5 nights for 7 weeks with 32 sessions (€ 128)

Please submit booking form with your payment to the Administration office on or before Friday 26th Oct, 2018.. Please note: Account has been taken for 3 nights during the term when no study will be provided and an appropriate deductions has been applied.

22nd Nov :- Parent/Teacher, 5th Dec – Parent/Teacher meeting, 21st Dec – Christmas Holidays.

BOOKING FORM – Term 2 2018-2019


Study Term 2 2018