“The Big Travel Challenge”

 We are entering “The Big Travel Challenge” organized by “An Taisce” for the month of February.  This is a competition aimed at getting students to come to school in an environmentally friendly way.

We have decided that the best option, based on our survey is “Park and Stride”.  This would mean students who get dropped to school, being dropped a distance away and walking the remainder of the journey.

The advantage for parents would be less stress trying to drive into the school grounds, or getting stuck in traffic.  Parents would also save time and money.  Perhaps some students live close enough to walk.  We also have SECURE BICYCLE RACKS in the school.

There are prizes of €500 and €1,000 for the winning schools.  As we are now working towards our FOURTH Green Flag, this competition is very important regarding awareness raising.

The advantage for students would be that following a 10 minute walk they would begin the day full of energy and be better able to concentrate in school.  What it would entail is students organizing their school bags to eliminate carrying unnecessary books.  Our survey also showed that many carry more books than needed.  As the mocks are during February there will be fewer books for exam students.

A 1km radius of the school is considered walkable.  There is a big prize at stakes so let’s moving.


“The Big Travel Challenge”