Chess @ SPC 2013-2014

For the past number of years chess has become very popular especially among our younger students and what can be termed an ‘oasis of calm’ has been created in the Tower resource library at lunchtime everyday by dozens of young students playing chess and reading books. There were 2 competitions held earlier in the year one for Juniors and one for Seniors.
The Junior winner was David Avtin while the Senior was won by Robert Kelly. School Certs were presented to the winners at the end of year awards ceremony.

Great credit is due to the adults and students who do so much to create and maintain this environment. However there are 2 students in particular who have worked hard all year helping to maintain the facilities in the library, and so to thank them for this contribution I call on Cathal O’Gara and Josh McLoughlin. Trophy

There are 2 other people who facilitate this activity at lunchtime and it runs smoothly everyday due to their constant attendance so I must thank and give an honourable mention to our 2 dedicated SNA’s Ann and Breda.

Chess @ SPC 2013-2014
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