School Year 2016 2017

All fees must be paid in full before a student can attend evening study and places are limited. No allowance can be made for starting mid-term or absenteeism during the term.

Evening Study 2016-2017 Term 4 (9 Weeks)

Tues 21st Mar to Thurs 1st June 2017

Individual: Mon- Thursday 4 nights €132

Individual: Mon- Friday 5 nights €164


Account has been taken for 4 days when no study will be provided during Term 4 and appropriate deductions have been applied i.e. :

  1. Monday 20th March –  School closed  
  2. Monday 1st May –  School closed 
  3. Friday 2nd June – School closed 
  4. The fourth day will be for a staff meeting which has yet to be agreed.

In order to attend Supervised Study please complete the application form for Term 4 and submit your payment to the office on or before 16th March, 2017. The application form is available from the study coordinator, at the front office or can be downloaded here BOOKING FORM – Term 4 2016 2017